Print technology

Most frequent and most widely used printing technology in the world. This technology is used for printing conventional printed materials, such as magazines, newspapers and books.
Flat sheets printed using offset printing are then attached to various kinds of cardboard.

We print on plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, textile, including surface treatments such as UV coating, partial coating, embossed coating including UV tunnel. Special paints: metallic, scratch, phosphorescent, aromatic, thermochromic (responsive to changes in temperature). Surface 3D effects - embossing, glitter, textured paints, etc. 

The latest generation of UV flatbed printers focused on production printing. 6-colour CMYK printing + light C + light M, with the possibility of partial and full-format printing or background printing with white ink. Surface treatment: printing on embossed and irregular surfaces, printing on a wide variety of rigid and soft materials, such as corrugated cardboard, folding cardboard and paper, laminated cardboard, PVC, HPS and PET sheets, acrylic, glass, dibond, wood, metal, PVC banners and mesh. Ink-jet eco solvent printing on self-adhesive foils, including lamination according to the supplier sampler.

Printing technology that is used for direct printing on corrugated cardboard in high quantities, mainly in the production of industrial packaging and packaging of consumer goods.