Who we are

We have been designing and manufacturing POS media, store window and interior decorations since 2003. Since 2010, we have also been focusing on in-store design and today we have implemented thousands of successful projects. We will provide global services to communicate your brand. We will find a way to open up a path to the end customer for you and your products. 

It is becoming increasingly difficult to engage and attract. Therefore, we base our work on the latest research and trends, but despite that, and for that very reason we do not stop being human. If you are looking for the right partner for global retail marketing services, please contact us. Invite us to tender, and we will be happy to prepare a design proposal, a price bid, come and visit us or simply give us a call.

The headquarters and manufacturing facilities of our company are located in Brno. Other branches are in Prague and in Dreieich, Germany, near Frankfurt am Main, and sales representatives also operate in Wallisellen, Switzerland. We can therefore provide a fast service and meet the high demands of our customers across Europe.

Every year we participate in domestic and international in-store communication competitions. We experience literally adrenaline-filled moments. We appreciate each of our successes and awards. They are proof to us that we do our work well and they do not allow us to stagnate.

We are the founders of the aogroup, an association of closely cooperating companies that externally follow a common trade policy, quality management system and processes from inquiries to implementation. We have been cooperating with the sheltered workshop Craftwork in the long term and thus employ a team of persons with disabilities.

Our processes are set up to behave in as environmentally-friendly manner as possible. Our certificates: PEFC, FSC, Zelená firma (Green Company), EKOKOM. Audits: SMETA. We are members of the association POPAI CE.