The Book that gives back

The Book that gives back


Prague offers many places of interest sought after by locals and tourists alike. However, within its walls it conceals countless unique interiors, which we are incapable of perceiving properly in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life. These will remain undiscovered by tourists as they won’t find them in an ordinary guide. This is what the Prague Interior Design Guide, published by Authentica, now aims to change.

Prague Interior Design Guide presents fifty interior designs of cafés, galleries, stores, hotels, restaurants and many other public spaces recommended by prominent figures from the world of contemporary design, architecture and art theory as their favourite places.

Through the Prague Interior Design Guide, Authentica aims to fulfil its ambition to help and inspire. The potency of its help is contained in the funds the book will receive through its sale and which will be donated to the Dejme dětem šanci (Let's Give Children a Chance) and the Vojtěška charity organizations.

Why buy the Prague Interior Design Guide book?

Prague Interior Design Guide is full of wonderful photos capturing the unique atmosphere of the selected interiors, but at same time the charitable intention is also more than pleasing. When you buy your copy you will be contributing to a good cause and genuinely helping those in need.

Why not join us? You can buy the book for just CZK 390.00 at

This interesting book and the feeling you have helped will surely be reward enough.

Thank you for your support.

Authentica team