Success at the Superstar Awards in Düsseldorf

Success at the Superstar Awards in Düsseldorf

Three gold trophies heading to the Czech Republic

Viscom – the longstanding trade fair for visual communication – has moved for good to Düsseldorf. This year it not only had new dates but was also newly-combined with the PromoTex fair, thereby offering visitors a wide array of companies and innovation packed into 6 exhibition halls.

Closely connected to the theme of visual communication was the Superstar competition, which was held alongside the fair and which presented us with an opportunity to face off against international competition. This year Authentica decided to nominate 3 projects. The end cap Margotka, the Campari floor display, and the Waterdrop Bubble Bottle illuminated advertising. All the displays entered into the competition were eye-catching, and it must be said that every year the standard keeps getting higher. The competition results were announced during the closing gala evening, with everyone kept on tenterhooks until the last possible moment. However, it was worth the wait. Authentica won gold three times, getting the highest award for all its nominated projects. This is what 100% success feels like! Joy and motivation for the future in no small measure.

One other interesting thing to finish with that’s worth drawing your attention to: This year also saw us play our trump card – aroma marketing. The end cap Ship of Margot was fitted with a diffuser dispensing the aroma of coconut and chocolate, which sweetly wafted through the space and powerfully assisted in communicating the chocolate bar’s new flavours while simultaneously driving our product to the top spot in its category.

We’d like to thank our customers for the opportunities they gave us, and our superb team for some perfectly executed work.