New Philips display at Alza based on tried and tested concepts

New Philips display at Alza based on tried and tested concepts

Coffee machines, air purifiers and Phillips electric toothbrushes are on display for customers at Alza in new, premium POS presentations – once again created by Authentica. They combine clean design with high-quality materials and functionality. It is these characteristics of the past designs created for Philips that helped Authentica win two prizes at the Popai Awards 2016.

When the designers from Authentica began creating a new design for Philips, they already had a head start. From past experience, they already knew what worked with a lot of the brand’s products across various market segments. Besides having plenty of previous designs to draw on, they had also participated in the launch of the designer air purifier Philips Air onto the Czech and Slovak markets. So for the Alza showroom they simply turned to tried and tested solutions that had helped them to win the Popai Award 2016 in the Household Goods, Indoor Decorations and DIY category. 

“We use a predominantly white colour scheme with a blue backlit line to link the products with the brand, with customers receiving additional information from a monitor showing a looped promo video. We wanted a luxurious yet unobtrusive design, so that people could freely imagine how the product would look like in their home without being disturbed in the process. We verified that the concept works in the field,” says Philips’ Trade Shopper Marketing Manager, Alice Hanková.

The company also took the award in the Healthcare category for its counter display for Sonicare electric toothbrushes. Realizing the shop-in-shop design for Alza was a little trickier, however, with more sophisticated details and light communication required. Unlike simpler counter displays, it was necessary to present toothbrush cases and include a carousel for displaying replacement toothbrush heads. As a result, the customer is able to try out the displayed goods on the spot, which meant that it was necessary to ensure the goods remained secure.

In the case of the Saeco coffee machines, the design is much warmer. It uses attractive maple wood, which simultaneously references the corporate identity and the gastro segment. The end-cap design allows the forward-facing light communication with changeable graphics to stand out.   

“Nowadays, attractive high-quality POS design is taken for granted. The most important thing for us, however, is to appropriately and clearly communicate the advantages of our products to the customer. If we didn’t do this, we wouldn’t sell well – which is something we are doing successfully,” adds Hanková.