Have you already tasted your first microdrink?

Have you already tasted your first microdrink?

The unique dissolvable tablet Waterdrop - newly arriving onto European market.

Still waiting?

Then here comes a unique opportunity. Newly arriving onto the European market is the unique dissolvable tablet - Waterdrop.

As you set off on your holidays, you might come across this new product, e.g. at Vienna Airport, site of the first shop-in-shop, which we manufactured to the design and requirements of the customer. A clean design, lockable counter and a fold-away, lightweight stand, comprising a hollowed wooden body in the shape of the blister packaging in which the tablets are sold.

How does it work?

By dropping a fizzy tablet into a glass of water, in moments you can prepare a refreshing drink full of vitamins which will revitalize you at home and on your travels. So why not always keep a few on you?

In addition, the low-cost box with 48 tablets is made from PaperFoam®, which is 100% bio-degradable. Not for nothing did it win the Dieline Award 2017 in the category “Sustainable Packaging”.

Projects like these are a lot of fun!